God’s Love Delivered

I was very impressed with the passion and fortitude that Joan River’s recently displayed as she fought to make money for her Charity, God’s Love We Deliver. It is a charity that was started in 1986 to feed men and women who had succumbed to the HIV virus and soon expanded to feed those suffering from cancer and various of others debilitating illnesses.

The amount of time and effort to ensure that these people recieved a well balance meal is truly a testiment of the love and compassion that we as Americans continue to display even in the most difficult of financial times. It is through the generosity of people that this charity and others like it continue to flourish.

.” We also provide illness-specific nutrition education and counseling to our clients, families, care providers and other service organizations. The agency, on average, delivers over 3,000 meals every weekday, year round. To date, GLWD has delivered over eight million meals to clients in New York City and Hudson County, New Jersey”

I challenge everyone to step up and donate what ever you can so this great service can continue to flourish and continue to provide “God’s Love”…

God’s Love We Deliver166 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10013tel: (212) 294-8142fax
: (212) 294-8101EIN: 13-3366846
Contact EmailVisit Web Site


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