~~Interstate I65~~

I know many of you will find this humorous or simply discard as a over zealous imagination, but this has been reported more and more often. Maybe it is time we take heed and listen to the message being sent to us.

Interstate I65 covers a large portion of our great nation going from north to south. In southern Indiana it has been reported by not one but many travelers have felt compelled to pull over and pick up a particular hitch-hiker, often bewildered as why they felt compelled to do such a thing since it was hardly their normal behavior to do such a thing, especially in times when the economy is so bad and people have had to resort to some questionable behaviors.

Recently an elderly woman, who is a member of the church of one my co-workers relayed her experience on I65.. “I was traveling along and suddenly this strange compulsion to stop and pick up a young man standing along side of the road.” She trembled as she pulled over for never had she ever done such a thing. She was somewhat taken back when the young man got into the back seat, and became somewhat nervous. It wasn’t long before the nervousness went away and a sense of total bewilderment overcame her.

While driving along the interstate, the young man in the back seat remained calm, not saying much. The driver would frequently check her rear view mirror to observe his behavior, when suddenly he spoke…..

“His lips are on the trumpet”

The elderly woman began to shake and when she looked into the mirror to check once more to see the young man, she was astonished to see the back seat vacant! She began to cry and to sob, pulling over to the shoulder of the road was her only recourse. A knock on the window startled her and there stood a State Trooper, she rolled down the window and he asked if she was alright, when she relayed the experience, he stated,”you are the sixth person today to report such an occurrence.”

Maybe this is a message that we should not ignore. Life has become more difficult and our faith as been under seige. This may be folklore or it could be the truth~only Our God knows for sure and in him we should place our Trust~


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