Abortion today, is as controversial as it was over thirty years ago. Arguments have been voiced from the Supreme Court to the pulpits of our churches. Morality and the effects of abortions for many years have been facing this generation, and generations of our forefathers and of theirs. The main difference with today’s society is that it knows no other law pertaining to abortion, for most, it has been a legal procedure their entire lives.

This continues to be agenda of the current administration; to continue this barbaric act and show no compassion for the unborn. This was cause for protest at Notre Dame’s recent graduaton.
It is our responsibility for humanity’s sake to work together to overcome the barriers we face regarding abortion and find a solution in order for our civilization to survive. We must end this travesty and we must place more value on the concept of life and how we deal with it, rather than simply aborting a life that could have so much potential. This is essential for the survival of our culture and civilization.
We must elect politician who share our beliefs that all life is sacred and not be discarded in soiled utility rooms of our hospitals to die. Obama defended infantcide not only on a state level but on federal level as well. This act of barbarism must cease and it is our duty as a society to see that it stops, never should a gift of God be discarded in such a manner; I am sure Our Father is truly saddened by the actions of those with power. Power over principles have no place in our society.

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