Our we a nation divided instead of being united? I say yes we are….We were offered “change and hope” during the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama and we’ve seen the change but the “hope” remains to be seen or is it”hopelessness”that we now feel.

We changed; because now our government is taking over businesses, our banking, promoting infanticide, twisting our health-care delivery to mimic Europe’s and Canada’s, that has sent their citizens to come to the U.S. for the care that they have to wait for, instead of being readily available.

Our economy is now more in debt to other countries than at anytime in our history. The spending started with George Bush and has only escalated with the coming of Obama. We now have a budget that is in the trillions of dollars, a legacy that will surely be left to our grandchildren and of those to come.

We have politicians that are more geared for the power they seek rather by governing by the principles of which they lack. We live in a time when the speaker of the house calls a major government entity liars, a vice president who divulges vital information. A president who surrounds himself with people of questionable character.

What happened to the candidates that put the people first? Remember them, they would listen to us and would seek the opinions of their constituents and govern accordingly. We need to seek these characteristics in the candidates that we in the future attempt to put into office. Our needs and that of our families should be first and foremost on their minds as they legislate to bring about laws that affect each and every one of us.


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