I am sure this is one letter that ends up getting stamped,”return to sender.” Its a shame when a sitting president refuses to listen to reason, listen to the will of the people. ~
Its evident he is intent on bringing a socialist government, with the government regulating everything we do,what radio stations we can listen to, what medical needs are best for us. What type of autos we drive. He seems to think its ok to take over companies of Americans and regulate their every move. ~
He doesn’t care if the small business man is run out of business, can’t meet his payroll or that he has to let his devoted workers go and join the growing ranks of the unemployed. FELLOW AMERICANS, HE DOESN’T CARE! ~
Apparently when Barry was in college studying law and they were learning about our Constitution he was absent that week or simply showed up and stated,”present.” Its obvious as he has no regard for what our founding fathers meant when they wrote the historical document, just as he as no regard for the meaning of life.~
Yes, I am sure this letter will never reach his desk, but it is our duty as Americans to raise our voices, contact our elected officials and hold them to the principles in which this country was born. If for some reason they can’t legislate per the will of the people then we vote them out. Time is running short, we have to take back our country, one letter at a time.. we will start with this one…..

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