~~~~~~~DREAM DATE~~~~`

~~I don’t have a problem with a man taking his wife out on a date, I find this to be romantic and a lovely display of the committment to his love for her.~~
~~This however, isn’t just any couple, and this was hardly your average date! When was the last time you were whisked off to New York City on a private jet, enjoyed a “quiet dinner” for two and then escorted through the streets of NYC by an escort of paid city employees to catch a Broadway play?
~~Its been a while hasn’t it! ~~~~~
~~Do you think that Barry gave it any thought with the country being in the worst financial shape since the great depression. Our deficit continues to grow by leaps and bound, we are experiencing huge numbers of people joining the ranks of the unemployed. Iconic American companies are being forced to file bankruptcy while this administration
plans to have full control.~~
~~Has Marie Antoinette been reincarnated as Barack Hussein Obama? It seems this could be the case with his blatant disregard of the problems facing the “average American family” with his let them “eat cake” attitude. It amazes me how he has been able to mesmerize the public or the ones that have apparently drank too much of the “electric kool-aid,”by the display of worshipping that was witnessed in NYC when they went on the date that cost the American tax payer twenty-four thousand dollars for this “promised date.” Yes, $24,000.00 was what was spent so he could fulfill a campaign promise to his endearing wife, Michelle.~~
~~Just watch this video and see for yourself how mesmerized the people of NYC and the main stream media has fallen prey to the woe’s of “The One.” Barry’s famous campaign slogan of, “yes we can,” has now turned around to say “NO WE CAN’T”……


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