~Do you really want Obama and his nationalized health-care coming to a clinic or hospital near you?
~Do you want the government making such decisions for you and your families in crucial matters regarding your health or the care of a loved one?
~Medicare and Medicaid have already proven that the government cannot provide such care. I am a nurse and work in the hospital setting, I see how these programs and the insurance companies affect the health care of today.
~Are you aware that if your family member for what ever reason develops a decubitus, commonly known as a bedsore, while in the hospital that Medicare will no longer reimburse the hospital on the cost to heal the wound?
~Do you want the government deciding whether or not your surgery is needed irregardless of their lack of medical knowledge or training or if you need a specific test for diagnostic purposes?
~I am sure you have heard Obama refer to screenings and prevention. Mr. Obama we are already doing that. Every time someone is admitted we screen for the pneumonia vaccine which lowers the risk of community acquired pneumonia and we screen for immunization of the flu. We provide education to assist the patient in learning more about chronic diseases such as; diabetes,
congestive heart failure as well as a whole host of diseases that afflict the human body. We are doing our job, Mr. Obama.
~We have specially trained nurses who work closely with the insurance companies and federal & state programs to ensure that proper care is given. The hospital in which I work, Mr. Obama even assist with client’s with no income to purchase prescriptions and assist them in finding primary care physicians.
~We don’t need you, Mr. Obama coming in and dictating to us how to better care for our patients. We work long hours, often under-staffed, providing compassionate nursing to those that enter our doors. We do it because we are dedicated to the whole person, Mr. Obama, which includes the physical, spiritual aspects of human existence.
~We are concerned Mr. Obama about finances and how they affect us, as we have homes, monthly bills as most Americans and families that rely on our income for survival. Mr. Obama, the changes you have projected have put us in jeopardy. Hospitals are cutting back due to the poor economic times that have only grown worse since Nov. 4, 2008.
~Mr.Obama could you please concern yourself with more important matters such as our economy, our national security and leave the health-care to those of us that are truly dedicated in serving our fellow citizens and let us do our work without you and your left-winged minions interfering and only make an already broken system worse.

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