~Nancy Pelosi~ Are you seriously that incredibly naive to think that by releasing photos of our military would not put our soldiers in dire straits?
~Nancy, these men and women are sacrificing their lives for us, they have left families and jobs to volunteer to go to foreign soil and fight for your rights and ours, to keep us safe from experiencing another attack like we had back in September ’01.
~Are you capable of critical thinking? I, think not!
Have you seen any of the polls Nancy? Your approval rating continue to plummet…….Nancy, maybe you should consider getting another face lift and yes…maybe you could ask your pilot to fly you to Oz and maybe your wish could come true. I just wish that you would use what is left ( you’re familiar with that term, I’m sure) of the brain that God gave you and realize that you as Speaker of the House should first and foremost support our military. Come on Nancy…stop this insanity

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