~Once again, we see the sign of victory coming from the east as the President of Iran reportedly wins elections. The country is in turmoil as it fights for freedom from Ahmadinejab and his minions. Most forms of communication is down or limited by this regime that spews hatred to the people of Israel and other nations that support her.
~Twitter is enabling some of the people of the country to get accurate information out to the world and even alarming residents when traps are being set.
“NEWS: The correct votes were 19,7M Mousavi, Karoubi 7M, Rezaei 3M, Ahmadinejad 7-8M” this was read on twitter earlier today. Showing there is doubt that this elections was a legal or that it should be acknowledged. Mousavi is under arrest but has many supporters are now involved in protest, demanding freedom from the oppression.

Where is Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton? All I have heard is that they are monitoring the situation, meaning they are most likely applauding the results and doing their “change and hope” happy dance. Meanwhile we have a country in turmoil, people are being dragged out of their homes and being beaten, arrested and the US Government remains silent while many citizens of this country share in the Iranians plea for freedom and justice as we face the same type of oppression slowly coming from our own worthless leaders who are intent of bringing us to a nation being fully controlled.

People of Iran, We stand with you for your fight against oppression and pray for your safety


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