~Mr. Obama, you recently stated that we are no longer a nation founded under God. Most likely you believe this because spent so long attending a church and listening to the hate that spewed from the one that was your spiritual guider, the one who officiated your wedding and baptized your daughters.
~I am sorry that you’ve been so misled to think that we would abandoned the very principles that our forefathers set forth as they went about designing our great country.
~It saddens me to see that God is being pushed off to the side, his name being left off of monuments, our public buildings. Some are even trying to get his name off our currency, you know the type that you are so busy having printed to further escalate us into complete financial ruins! I know you have a busy schedule, I mean you are running a government, something that is new to you (since you have no business background) and things at the new Government Motors are taking up a lot of your time and now that you are seeking to take over main stream media with the up coming special with ABC in the blue room. I would like for you to just take a few minutes and to watch this video and learn about the real America and how she was really founded and yes, you might pay special attention to the names of your predecessors as they understood how God played such an important part of our lives…..

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