~For my Dad~
Dad, words cannot begin to describe the admiration or love that I feel for you. You are my “hero, my friend, my dad.” I am so thankful that God sent me to you to guide me and to pick me up when I fell. You sacrificed so much for me and always made sure that I had what I wanted, or at least what you felt I needed. You worked hard to provide for a family, you were always home with us, you never wandered.You gave me comfort, you taught me how to drive, oh, what patience you showed!
It was you Dad, that taught me about hard work and the importance of doing my best.
Times have changed Dad, as you well know, life has taken us down many roads with curves and bumps along the way. However, with all of the obstacles along the way, the one thing that remained consistent was your love for me, and my siblings. This is a love that I will cherish forever. Your smiles, your humor and the sound of your laughter will always hold a special place in my heart. Dad, I love you so~


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