~Mr. President, I am a Nurse, I work with the terminally ill ~your plan to end funding for them simply appalls me~I am in disgust, I hope as this picture reflects that you are in deep thought, maybe it should be with your “Almighty, your Creator,” and you should beg for forgiveness for such a display of lack of compassion for those facing the end of their life.
~Have you not heard of dying with dignity? A “pain pill”isn’t always the answer, sir. What a sad way to honor your grandmother in such a way.
~Dying with dignity entails living out your end days without pain or suffering. Often that requires some medical interventions. We provide oxygen, medication such as Morphine to alleviate pain. We also involve the family in these decisions, Mr. President. We do not need our Government involved in our lives at such dire time in our lives. Surgery is ruled out for patients who have certain conditions that would prevent a surgical procedure. This however, is discussed with family, not the Government.
~We provide care that we in the medical field refer to as “comfort measures,” and yes sometimes test are performed.~
~We also utilize the services of Hospirus or in some areas they are still referred to as Hopice.
~They work primarily with the dying patient and family often providing bereavement counseling after the family goes through this most difficult life experience. Once again, Mr. President you don’t cease to amaze me with your attitude that the Government is the solution to all of our problems.

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