~Today as we celebrated our Independence many cities across our great nation held TeaParty’s to protest this administration’s attempt to take over corporations, expand the government and control every aspect of our lives~These are a few scenes from Louisville, Kentucky on this 4th of July~ Patriotic speeches were given, prayers lifted up for our nation that is being ruled by a tyrannical government, one without principles or values but of greed and power~ We can no longer remain silent, this is the time to raise our voices, time to take back our country~ We cannot any longer be the SILENT MAJORITY~

~A plea to end the rhetoric of change~

~Calling for closed borders & for investigations~

~A view of City Hall where a Liberal Mayor rules without regard~

~stop being irresponsible with our money~

~A message that will be disregarded as long as we remain silent~

~Get Congress to understand that we’ve had enough~


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