vintage_patriotic_nurse_poster-p228536626801085763t5ta_400     Hi and welcome to “A Patriotic Nurse.” I have been a blogger  for a brief period, using another service but wanted to expand my experience. I am passionate about our Country and very concerned in which the direction we are being led. I firmly believe that our Constitution must be upheld and that we can no longer remain silent as  this administration attempts to expand our government, take over private corporations and attempts to nationalize our health care. We cannot sit idly by and allow future generation’s pay for the policies and the debt that has been incurred within the past few months from the current administration. We must never forget that we were created as one nation under God and that our government was designed to be for the people, by the people. We can NO longer be the SILENT MAJORITY if we want to survive as our forefather’s envisioned.
I hope that those of you that have followed my blog will continue to do so and I hope to gain new followers! Thank you for your patience as I arrange my widgets and the fun stuff that makes visiting blogs enjoyable. I appreciate each and everyone that takes time out to visit and make comments


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