Palin Bids Alaska Farewell With Her Head Held High

sarah_palin Today Alaska says goodbye to a Governor that has made a huge impact not only for their state but that of a faltering nation. They bid her farewell with pride and with the hope that she will run for president in 2012. This all remains to be seen, but one thing for certain is that Sarah Palin isn’t retreating, she will not cower or succumb to the ridicule that has been unfairly placed upon her and her family. If anything this, in my opinion has only made her stronger. More confident that she can rise above the slings and arrows that have thrown her way since running as the first woman republican candidate for vice-president. The main stream media, SNL and David Letterman have all made their lame jabs at her intelligence, character but it will Sarah that will be the one coming out on top no matter what direction she decides for herself and her family.
She has been going throughout the state bidding farewell to loyal supporters by attending picnics and being the ever so authentic person that she always has been. She is a woman that proudly declares her love for her country, the military that so bravely serves our great nation. We will not hear Palin on a apologizing tour, but we will hear a message of one that radiates Patriotism, honor and love of country. Sarah, I so agree with the people of Alaska as they shout out their love for you and for God’s blessing for you and your family!


One response to “Palin Bids Alaska Farewell With Her Head Held High

  1. Sarah is taking over the space agency!

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