MilitaryMonday~A Tribute

soldiers MilitaryMonday is a popular trend on the social site Twitter. Starting this week A Patriotic Nurse plans to devote each Monday with a tribute to our servicemen and their families, showcasing the sacrifices they give for us to continue to live in the land of the free.
I was recently in downtown Louisville, it was a bright sunny warm July day, people were scurring about going about their lives in this hectic pace we call life. I started noticing several men in uniform from various branches of the armed forces. Many were focused upon their mission to accomplish what ever task it was before them. As I was crossing the street to meet my appointment, my eyes met with this very proud stoic soldier, dressed in fatiques with his beret proudly adorned. He looked into my eyes and I was so elated that finally one of them had made eye contact with me, so I smiled and squeezed his arm and was able to finally say, “thank you for all you all are doing for us!” He flashed a big smile and without losing his stoic stance and replied, “Thank you mam!” For me that will forever remain a fond memory.
We should always take the time to let them know how much we appreciate the service and sacrifice that they have so bravely and unselfishly given to us. But we must not forget the ones who are left behind, the wives and mothers who are often left to raise a family on their own while constantly worrying about their spouse off in a foreign land. So for this first post to support #MilitaryMonday, I dedicate it to you, the wife, the mother, the father as it is in some cases who remain behind and are often forgotten. I want to say thank you for the sacrifices that you have made while your brave loved one is off fighting for this country to remain free! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING”


2 responses to “MilitaryMonday~A Tribute

  1. Just this weekend I saw a proud soldier, just a young man, walking through the mall. I wanted to go up and give him a hug and thank him. Nothing makes me prouder of our country than seeing our military, our flag, and singing the Star Spangled Banner. It chokes me up every time. God bless our troops! #Military Monday!

  2. I know what you mean, I will never forget that smile that soldier gave me~I, too get choked up when hearing our Anthem or when I see Our Flag waving freely in the air~ May she continue to Fly above the land of the FREE & THE BRAVE~ GOD BLESS THE USA~

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