obama_270208_narrowweb__300x512,0 Who is this man and why is he really the President of the United States of America?
Those of us who wish that this president would just release his birth certificate once and for all are now being referred to by the “main stream media” as “Birthers.” I still like the term, “right wing extremist,” because it speaks to the very core of why we are calling for him to just release the certificate once and for all. However, the “liberal leftist elitist,” obviously love to come up with these acronyms to further this administration’s ability to deflect from the real issues at hand, one being his eligibility to serve as commander in chief. We have witnessed countless news stories regarding those in the Military who refuse to serve under him until an “authentic” record of his birth has been released. If he wasn’t eligible why are there countless law-suits filed asking for proof and yet, they are all either dismissed or ignored. Is this the Chicago style thuggery at work? These questions I am afraid will continue to hang over this administration and continue to linger until the truth comes out once and for all.



One response to “WHO IS THIS MAN REALLY?

  1. With all due respect to President Obama, I think that his biggest problem lies in the fact that he tried to hard to be everything to too many people and therefore failing at most of what he does because he is simply not focused.

    I wish he would try less and do more. But that’s me.

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