Become One Voice, Remain Silent No More

Constitution%20DaySeptember 12, 2009 we will be marching on Washington. We are marching to take back what has been unlawfully taken from us! Our rights are being infringed on, computers are being taken over by the government if you haplessly click continue on the website. This is not the country our forefathers envisioned for us. We must make a stand against this tyrant and put an end to the socialistic ways of this administration. We must come together as one voice! If you have attended a teaparty, you have seen the signs calling for us not to be a “Silent Majority.” We can no longer remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a revolution.” This is the second most important revolution of our history as a nation. If we don’t join forces and become one voice we are in no doubt going to lose every right bestowed upon us by our Constitution.
We cannot sit around waiting in welfare lines, we have to rise up and take whats ours!
The tables are starting to turn!!!


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