troopsDM0803_468x432 We continue our battle in Afghanistan to bring peace to a country that is war torn and divided as to our presence there. It is sad when we hear news reports of another soldier fallen while in the line of duty. We grieve as a nation, we grieve for the family these brave souls leave behind. We grieve for the children that loses a parent to the perils of war.
There are many organizations that help families with their grief, help them to find their way back from this most intense severity of pain. I am very impressed with a particular organization that offers support and comfort. They go the extra mile and help with the children deal with the loss of a parent. They have camps set up to help the child cope, to grieve and yet to grow. You can click here to donate,or post a memorial of a loved one.
To the men and women serving our great nation, know that you have people that even though you may not know them personally, you have people all across this great nation that lifts you in prayer day in and day out. We pray for your safety while being in harms way, we pray for a safe return.
There was a time when our military was not shown the respect for what they so bravely did for this country and to you I vow never to let this happen again. There are many that argue that this war is unjust or that we have no business there, but the fact remains that you are there, you are doing a great service, you are not only helping rebuild a nation but you are keeping the homeland safe and free, for that I say, “thank you.”………………….


~This candle burns eternally for all of you that give so much to Our Great Nation~



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