Yes, I agree, this is really “fishy,” asking American’s to report their friends, family and others that disagree with this administration. Just another scare tactic to silence us? Apparently the president not only doesn’t reads bills that are placed before him but I am beginning to wonder if he watches the news! Has he not seen the outrage of those attending local town hall meetings with their legislators regarding nationalizing health-care, expanding our government and attempting to take over our computers and make them federal property.
They have a website and one that if you are concerned about your privacy, I strongly suggest that you don’t sign up for, as most likely your files, contact and all things stored on your computer will most likely become federal property. I am talking about this one, it claims its all about you
I have received e-mails from Liberty asking me to forward to all my friends and family how this administration is wanting to be informed. This is an outrage, read more as the founder states….

Barack Obama has turned his White House “Health Reform Office”
into a Chicago-style political hack machine.

Right on the White House’s website, Obama’s team admits that it
is openly monitoring web and email “disinformation” opposing

Linda Douglass, communications director for the White House
Health Reform Office, is asking Americans to watch their
personal emails — even “casual conversation” — in order to

Here’s the quote:

    Since we can’t keep track of all of [the disinformation]
    here at the White House, we’re asking for your
    help. If you get an email or see something on the web
    about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it

What is happening in America?  Now the White House wants everyone
to rat out their friends and Internet contacts if they don’t
happen to agree with everything the President says about the
biggest socialist scheme in American history!

Meanwhile, the liberal elites in Congress are doing their best
to undermine and discredit the building grassroots opposition
to ObamaCare.  The White House must be pretty rattled if it is
asking Americans to “inform” on personal e-friends and contacts!

And Nancy Pelosi just said that Congress was in for the battle
of their lives when it takes up ObamaCare in September.
For once, I totally agree with the Speaker!

This new White House bullying is part of the Left’s strategy
to stop the grassroots revolt that has overwhelmed Congress
in recent weeks. And unless we act, their chilling new tactics
may be successful.

We must not succumb to this kind of threat, this is Our Country, he is an elected official that works for us WE THE PEOPLE, it us that should hold him accountable …..




  1. It’s hard for BHO to imagine that the populace of America aren’t as gullible as the folks of Chicago!
    When BHO was campaigning he was laying out his plans, he painted a clear picture of his political goals. Now, he is back peddling and attempting to snow us into thinking he didn’t really mean it when he said quite clearly, he supported a single payer, nationalized health care system!

  2. Hi Erica!

    My theory for the past several months is that O and his gang have never been around, much less known, regular patriotic Americans. I don’t think they think there are very many of us. They don’t know anything about us, and have greatly underestimated the strength and depth of our beliefs, because they themselves don’t have any core values. They mistakenly think that we are just a “fringe” element, and don’t understand that we are the majority of Americans.

    Great blog!

    • I think you have something with your theory, with his overwhelming win back in November, maybe over confidence could be a problem for him. I agree, that there are many regular American’s who are now starting to speak out and will continue to resonate with a message of discern. Our values and our fortitude and determination has been undermined, now with so many speaking up, they aren’t sure how to handle us! Thank you for the comment, hope you continue to come back!

  3. Twitter and Facebook are not working. I wonder if Obama has found a way to shut the American People up?

    • No doubt he will have a czar working to quieten us but good luck!!! As I have said and will continue to say, One voice will quickly evolve into a chorus! It won’t be long that our voices will abound from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea!

  4. We are really getting a snow job from mr.obama and his Czars.

    • He apparently undestimated the numbers of true patriotic American’s in this country. As Martin Luther King Jr. said in his great speech, “let freedom ring.” It will take all of us to be focused and determined to undermine this administration with any attempts to sway us from our Constitution. Thanks for visiting & hope you come back!

  5. Here’s how to automatically send a growing daily stream of junk email to

    1. Set up a gmail account ( just for this purpose.

    2. Sign up for a bunch of free, email-generating web services (eg. Google Alerts) using the gmail account.

    3. Adjust your gmail settings: under “Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”, then fill in

    4. Tell your friends how they too can fight against intimidation and abuse of power.

    It’s time to hit back, ten times as hard. Every day.

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