HCResizedNow on twitter we have someone who made an account to attempt to intimidate those of us that oppose the current most important issue facing us today; Obama’s health-care reform. They are sending out “tweets” mentioning the person’s name and part of their bio and stating,”your bio and comments have been stored.” I find this not only to be juvenile in nature but actually with all the media’s comments of how this administration wants any comments that sound “fishy” sent to a White House site, this type of behavior can be alarming. This my friends is an infringement of our Constitutional Rights as set forth in Article [I}…”freedom of speech.”
We are seeing daily via blogs, cable news and various internet social sites just how many people are starting to wake up to the call to take our country back. The administration’s polling isn’t going as well as it once was….ummm…maybe a light went off and people are beginning to realize the seriousness of what “hope and change” really meant……….

Courtesty of The Allamon Cartoon Blog http://bit.ly/ZudNh


  1. They have awaken the sleeping GIANTS – it’s about time.

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