together4                 Today driving home from work, I heard on the radio about a blast in Iraq that took the lives of approximately 40 people. The report wasn’t clear as to who was among the casualties, I just know that lives ended today. It made me think of our servicemen and women who are serving our nation to protect us and keep us safe and of those that have served. Some have been able to return home to rebuild lives with loved ones, start families, go back to school or hopefully find employment. Some of our finest soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrifice only to be remembered in prayers and in the hearts of loved ones left behind, or names inscribed on a plaque or memorial.

                This is the day on twitter that we honor our military with our #SOT, #MilitaryMonday, we send out “tweets” to honor our military, their families and let them know there is a nation that supports them. My tweet to our military, their family that I want to convey is that “you make me proud.” I feel privileged to live in a country where men and women from all walks of life, ethnic background and from diverse cultures volunteer themselves in protecting this great nation. So today as we go about our daily routine, remember to keep our military in your thoughts and prayers, pray for their safety, pray for those in harms way, pray for a safe return home….

               Near the bottom of this blog is a widget that is sponsored by Body Glove  and with each click on this widget they donate money for the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, please before you leave take a second and click on the widget, it doesn’t cost you a thing… Just another way of saying thank you and that ” You make me proud.”…………



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