2uyneo4 Nancy, Nancy where have you seen the swastikas that you claim that we are carrying as we stand up and raise our voices in discern for the health-care reform that is being proposed by “your” president?
What you have seen are angry people, angry over the audacity that you think we are being organized by high level groups within the GOP. You aren’t seeing thugs, hooligans; we aren’t carrying billy clubs like we witnessed with the Black Panthers or the SEIU protecting our liberal counterparts who stand in the way of letting us have our say in this. However, you feel that you have the right to undermine the American people and refer to us as being mobs! What you are seeing ….

We are tired of you treading on us, trampling on our Constitutional rights by trying to silence us. We will not be silenced. We will continue to show up at these town hall meetings and we will have our voices heard, we have that right. Have you held the office for so long as to remember how you ended up there. You were not picked up by some alien and deposited in one of the most important offices that represents our government. Nancy you were elected, sadly, I realize those that believed you actually cared for this country now regret sending you on this trip that you have turned around and turned into a power surge for you and your counter-parts.
Rest assured Nancy, Barbara, Harry, Tim, Barry,and Joe…your time is limited…We the American people will have the right and the pleasure of sending you packing come 2010 and 2012…Rest assured…We will TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY… the banker, the baker, the candlestick maker, the lawyer, the nurse, the doctor, the housewife, the laborer, the student; your average “Joe’…we will come together and with one voice join in a chorus and send you packing on the wings of the great eagle that so elegantly represents this country…


2 responses to “OH HOW NANCY LIES

  1. Bravo Erica! I could not have said it better myself…..

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