Big Brother has finally arrived in America riding on the back of the current resident of “Our” White House.

This administration is only a tenant and one who most likely will have a short lease.

How dare they think that we are a part of a organized group by high profile backers of the GOP, we are regular Americans from all walks of life that are starting to wake up and heed the warning that our Constitutional rights are being infringed upon!

We are not mobs, but we are angry; angry over the audacity that you think that within 8 months in office that we would sit idly by and let you slide your socialistic, communist type reform to the the greatest nation on earth.

We have fought before for our independence and it appears we are going to have to fight once again. We will prevail. Apparently you have forgotten the resolve of the American people. There are many that cherish the Constitution and all that it represents.

You do have a following, that is apparent, but sadly they are misled and fooled. You have them thinking that the change and hope you promoted while on the campaign trail and continue to interject with each opprobrious speech as you stand before the cameras and come into our homes, is for our greater good. Sir, take heed, we are waking up, we are not only republicans, but we are democrats, independents, libertarians all a like. We will continue to have our voices heard and as God as our witness we will be heard!

Originally posted on Logical Choice Action Group Sign Up


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