immaculateheart2 What a glorious message

to have received….believe…have faith, hope for we are loved…Let us rest in the

knowledge that one day we will rise above all the evil and despair in this world, only to find

resolve in the next….Contemplate this message, think not of the way of the world

today…but of what may come tomorrow….

Our resolve is being tested…May our faith remain resilient…May we remain strong and not

succumb to the evils that prevail….~Pray For Us~


5 responses to “…..HOPE……

  1. The message is good but could I make a suggestion? Please stop writing your article titles in all caps. When I read your feed it seems like you are screaming at me all the time. Thank you

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I certainly don’t want anyone to think that I am screaming at them, lol..Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back, I usually do the title in caps as an attention getter or to make a statement..this one being of hope~Appreciate you taking time to comment!

  2. I really appreciate the fact that you listened. I read your feed everyday and the title today caught my eye as it was not in all caps. Thank you

  3. Such a glorious message and gift we have received…the good news of Jesus Christ as our salvation. Lovely, Erica. Lovely. Thanks for pointing me to this. Blessings to you!

    • So glad that you enjoyed this! It renews my faith and reminds us that we are truly loved! Bless you for taking the time too comment!

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