obamaThis controversy isn’t going away, it is continuing to gain momentum…The controversy you ask? Whether or not Barrack Hussein Obama is a legal resident of the United States….Why won’t he just disclose this information once and for all? Why all are the lawyers needed to protect this information from becoming public? Why did congress investigate Sen. John McCain but not Obama? Why did the Supreme Court meet in private with him? Why the secrecy??? Why????
These are legitimate questions and yet we, the American people have no answers….But we do have someone who is bent on changing the very foundation of our country…..We are aware that the stimulus failed, unemployment continues to rise, health-care reform has been met with a firm resolve to stall the passage, polling numbers are rapidly in a down hill decline……..We see evidence of lies, distortions of the truth from this administration and his Chicago style thugs….What does part does Soros, Axelrod, Wright, Farrakhan really play behind the scene?….Do we get answers or do we get more plants at the town meetings…little girls whose mother clearly has an agenda?? Why…..can you answer?

The American People deserves answers NOW……


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