The Importance of Knowing Who Are The Advisers

s-REPUBLICAN-CONVENTION-largeI so agree with Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN) regarding the need to know and understand who is advising this president on the issues of the health-care reform. It is our right to know how this reform will affect each and everyone of us. Who is behind him, giving him direction?
One such person is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy adviser to President Obama and brother of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, what he thinks regarding our health-care has greatly influenced this administration. He feels that health-care should only be viable for those that would benefit. There are miracles daily within the medical field. People have survived illnesses that many would simply write off as being a hopeless case.
I, myself have witnessed a young man given grim chances of ever regaining full mental and physical capacity after experiencing severe brain damage. Yet, today he is up, walking and going to schools giving speeches about his experiences of doing drugs and mixing them with alcohol and how those choices impacted his life. He is alive thankfully to the medical treatment that he received and is now able to be an advocate for his peers. Would this have been possible if this had happened if this reform was passed? I agree with Bachman, America needs to wake up and start paying attention and asking questions….


5 responses to “The Importance of Knowing Who Are The Advisers

  1. Am extremely concerned re: welfare of my patients, am a hospice nurse w/ patients having a multitude of diagnoses…how can I care for them if I know they are not getting what they need? Would my continuing to be a nurse be upholding HR3200 should it pass? Knowing that they are being denied? A real dilemma….

    • I totally understand your concern. I work med-surg oncology and we have been so successful in treating various forms of cancer. I am worried about them, my parents that are elderly. Dad is on oxygen 24/7 for the most part but is very active and productive. They are equally concerned, as we all should be. I,too am concerned with being a nurse and having to give the type of care that would be expected if this reform goes through! I pray we defeat this!

  2. Important to know who Ezekiel Emanuel is? Of course, he is adviser to Obama and will impart his views regarding healthcare in US. If he has not practiced as an MD, he would have no knowledge of what it is like to connect and earn trust of patients. And, therefore would not be cognizant of their emotional needs, and may not have a conscience regarding same. Very different when you are hands on!

  3. Yes, you are definitely correct with the hands on experience. Building a trusting relationship with the patient is most likely the second most important part of our job. Without trust, the healing process would be severly impacted.

  4. Michele Bachmann has my vote if she runs!

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