Oh…when the news was real

clown Thank heavens for the reporting skills of Glenn Beck and others at the Fox News station. They live up to their mantra of being fair and balanced! Gasp…I can only imagine the amount of spam I will get with this comment! Beck daily reinforces the need for us to be vigilante in our viewing and accepting of what the main stream media reports. How many times has he exposed them for slanting their stories to favor that of the current administration. I love how Major Garrett isn’t afraid to question the klutz that faces us each day at the podium with his daily updates from the white house. Have they no shame? Clowns you say, send in the clowns?……I do believe they are here!


3 responses to “Oh…when the news was real

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  2. Great Post!! I think I’m going to have to pass that video along. That’s my dad’s favorite song. The MSM are a bunch of clowns and Obama is the head of a three ring circus.

    • Thank you, I thought it was priceless and had to come up with a way to use it! I so agree with you on all points! Appreciate you taking the time to comment! Hope your Dad enjoys this version, lol!

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