The 28th Amendment

ValleyForgeThis appeal will be wrapped in the clichés espoused during the tumultuous time of our nation’s founding, and for good reason. There is no need to look further than the wisdom and foresight of our Founding Fathers, and the Framers vision of The People’s future, which is now our present. Very little revision to their own words is needed, for the very concepts they subscribed to, emphasized and used as impetus for mobilization are equally relevant and timely today as they were over 230 years ago.

The liberty bell has been rung. Many have sounded the alarm, and many have responded, or at least awoken from their comfort and sleep. The trappings of security and prosperity over the past two centuries have lulled the American People into allowing a perverse and dangerous enemy to invade our liberties from within. This has not happened overnight, this is not a process solely of the current administration or power base. A steady and paced degradation has whittled away at freedom after freedom, and a calculated but patient effort to concentrate power in Washington – at the cost of our Individual liberties, State sovereignties and the fruits of our labor – has intentionally led our country to the precipice of an unrecognizable and unthinkable structure. No one party is solely responsible, as such invasions could not proceed without the complicit approval of officials in both parties. This is not a political issue, it is not a partisan issue, it is a repetition of the human rights issues our forefathers addressed in the Declaration and the Constitution.

For the same reasons a group of Patriots issued an edict to the King of England and his minions and governors in 1776, we submit this edict to our current rulers. The Spirit of ’76 is the guiding force for this effort to throw off the chains of bondage and the usurpation of our Natural Rights derived to us solely by birth and granted by no simple man. This governance that only derives its only right from our very consent now must know that our consent no longer applies.

We appeal to you, do not allow the work of our Founders to be thrown away. Do not cede or waive the rights that have been granted to you by the Highest Power and Authority. Allow no man or group of men to claim that Authority as their own, and hold that Power over you as if they are Kings or Gods. This is the very nature of the formation of our Nation and our liberty.

Friends, citizens, patriots: we are at a diverging path. There is no crossroads, as there is no continuing road ahead, no comfortable status quo to perpetuate. YOU must choose which path you wish to take. In the one direction are the chains of slavery, the intrusion of rulers into every area of your life, the rape of your labor and property, the already proven evil and failure of collectivism and redistribution. To the other direction is light, freedom, self-determination, and a restoration of the liberties that are your very birthright.

We ask from you no money. We ask not that you hold the role of Jefferson or Franklin or Washington. All we ask from you is action. Inaction is choosing the path of slavery. Action is choosing to be the patriot in tattered clothes with a rusting musket and a dearth of gunpowder. We ask you act, that you have the inner strength and faith to survive the winter at Valley Forge in your tattered clothes, to have the conviction to cross the frozen Potomac, to reclaim the rights and liberty that no man has justification to invade.

We only ask that you act, do not allow impetus to overwhelm you or the waves of destruction simply wash over you. Act. Please. Join us.
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