The sleeping Giant is awake….

obama-raleigh-540x318The sleeping giant is awake and a resounding rumble is being heard across this great nation as,”We The People,” are coming together as one voice and remaining silent no more. We are attending town hall meetings and our elected officials are astonished by our outrage of their attempts to force this administration’s health-care reform upon us. The representatives appear shocked and ask,”I don’t understand, you don’t trust me?” Trust you? Why should we trust you when your actions speaks of condescension and disregard for how we feel. We are the ones that sent you to Washington to look out for our interest but it is clear that most of you are only looking out for yourselves, to gain power with a lack of regard of principles or values. We have but one real option left..that is our vote..that is our voice…that is one right that you won’t be able to remove without a real second revolution truly becoming a reality. So I say unto you…Listen to us….We are Awake and we will not sit idly by and let this administration usher in a socialistic form of government. Don’t believe us? Continue to betray us and come 2010…2012…You will too will be awakened!

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