Remembering Our Troops……..

0611BackwardsPatch It is crucial now that we remember the men and women serving our country in Afghanistan, especially for the upcoming days as they are set to hold their elections. Terrorist’s are actively trying to hinder the elections and many of our brave souls could be facing danger. Remember them as the brave, the fearless and the selfless as they are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty.
You may be wondering why the flag is backwards on his sleeve, many of you in the Military most likely know.

This flag is symbolic of the men who used to march into battle with an actual flag. So steady and strong that the flag would blow behind them. On the arms of our soldiers, the flag faces as if being carried into battle, blowing behind them

So as they go into battle with the flag on their shoulders be proud of our heritage, be proud to be protected by the greatest Military force in the world. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers. Take time to send them a card or letter or you can send them packages. There are many great ways to show them your support and many great sites that you can visit to get hints, ideas and needs of our soldiers. One small way to also help is to click on the widget located near the bottom of the page. It is sponsored body gloveand with each click on the widget they will donate money to help veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Its quick, its free! Please support our troops and their families….

~God Bless Our Military and the USA~


5 responses to “Remembering Our Troops……..

  1. Thank you for writing this article. Yes they need our support. Care packages are the best. My guys love to get them. Recently I found a Soldier’s Angel for a troop that had never gotten anything as he had no family support at home. My hubby saw him open it and it was very cool. He said the troop was overjoyed and overwhelmed thinking that someone actually cared about him enough to do this.

    • Appreciate you taking time to comment. I am a huge supporter of the men and women who give so much for us. I think any thing we can send to them is greatly appreciated and lets them know that those of us back home have not forgotten them and what they are doing for us and for the many lives they impact.

  2. Just read all your post you sent me and for a moment I thought I was at or I had to look to see if Mark Steyn had a post featured next to yours… You had me hooked from beginning to end….. I crave more….. you are awesome!

  3. Thanks Kev!! You are too kind! I am merely speaking from my heart and am passionate about what I write about! I so appreciate you taking the time to comment & hope you continue to come back!

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