A Proclamation……

commonsenseIt is within days that this administration will have held the reigns of our nation within it’s grasp for seven months. He has delivered on his promise of change but we have yet to see the hope in the mist of the clouds of change. Was his vision of hope only used as a smoke screen of what was to come? His change has cracked the very core of our foundation as a nation, mired in lies, deceit and thuggery. He has in seven months, mind you seven short months, not only tripled our deficit, increased unemployment, taken over private corporations; forcing many out of jobs. Now, the change he wants is to take over our health-care and submit it to government rule.
Has he not done his homework and realized that medicare, medicaid, social security; all government run programs are broke, mishandled and abused all in the name of greed and the need of power? Yet he merely conjours the notion that he being “the one,” has the powers needed to fix these bogged down programs.
But does he listen? No, not to us…he listens to Axelrod, Soros, Emmanuel and his brother too. We have Pelosi referring to us as people with swastikas, astroturfs and the mob! How they love to forget the violence that the democratic party inflicted during the conventions of elections past. We aren’t in the streets burning buildings, turning over cars, breaking store front windows. We are simply American’s exercising our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the right to assembly. It is our right as Americans to question this administration and all involved regarding the course that he has lined out for us. Thomas Paine said it best when he said………….

When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon

We must not lose our hope that we have for our Country, we are the ones in which these people must serve..eventually they will answer to us….one day they will look back and see that the fortitude of the American people cannot be banished. This nation was built upon these very principles of one nation, by the people and for the people….Continue to raise your voices at your town hall meetings, carry your signs, call and send letters to your Representatives, remind them they work for you….Do not cower to the intimidation or threats. Do not let the thought of people wailing billy clubs persuade you to remain silent, stop you from attending these meetings filled with plants and minions only to carry his message of change further down the pike. Stand up for in every one of us a patriot’s blood flows freely….We are the people….we will be heard….Join us in Washington September 12, 2009 to have your voices heard around this globe…as,We The People Will Remain Silent No More…….


6 responses to “A Proclamation……

  1. Am more firm than ever that my patients should and will have the care they deserve. What this government wants to do will negate the reason why I became a nurse and rocks to the very core that we are advocates for our patients. And advocate I will…..

    • I share in your sentiment. I am a patient advocate first,a nurse second! We must stand up and protect the ones in which have been place in our care! I applaud your devotion to our profession and its one shared by many! Except possibly the ANA!!! Thanks for commenting once again, I enjoy the exchange!

  2. Erica,

    Thank you so much for everything you do, not only as a nurse but also as an American citizen. I appreciate your candor and well communicated perspectives and wanted to let you know I stand beside you in this fight. I hope you will look into my background and perspectives and support me in providing sound leadership in Washington. It is time to reopen the eyes of our elected officials and emphasize the value of the American people in developing legislation.

    Thank you again,
    Chris Nelson

    • Chris, thank you for takiing the time to share your opinions and I am delighted that you agree! I wish you all the luck in obtaining your seat, we need real people that are ready for the task regarding being our voice in Washington! Stay true to your ideas! Please keep in touch and let me know how you are progressing, I hope to see you headed to DC!
      Thanks, Erica

  3. A Passionate Proclamation from a Passionate Patriot – well done! You get a standing ovation from me!
    Smooches from Lady Libertas!

    • Thank you so much for your comments!!! I appreciate the support, I am very passionate when it comes to our country, very humbled by all the suppport and acknowledgement!

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