The Audacity continues…..

white-house The White House is now reporting they will take drastic measures to ensure the passage of the ill fated health-care reform. They are closing themselves off from the will of the people and declare that they will pass this through regardless of how messy it gets! This, people is our government speaking. Not one for the people, by the people but of one that solely perceives that it is their inherent right to govern as they seem fit! This is another prime example how they attempt to disregard our Constitution and continue to force their change upon us.
They claim to be drawing a line in the sand and as stated in the video, sand tends to shift. The democrats that are willfully willing to support this will definitely see the sands shift come 2010 and many of them will go scurrying home.
Obama campaigned on being bi-partisan but now clearly states that this will be a “blue” victory. Is he not a “president” of a nation and not of a party? Just more examples of the arrogance and audacity from this administration. Don’t be fooled, if the word public option is not in the rhetoric it will be hidden within the legislation and we will be the ones to suffer from having to wait in long lines, having the government dictate to our doctors how better to care for us.
This people, is a prime example of the importance to attend the March on DC, September 12,2009. We have together,and as one voice a chance to raise our voices in dissent and renounce the egregious behavior of this administration. National health-care is not working in Canada as they are now seeking to reform theirs but does Washington listen? NO, but they will……..
They are refusing to let our voices be heard and refer to us as being un-American, this is outrageous………………….


8 responses to “The Audacity continues…..

  1. The Democrats know that they are losing the PR battle on healthcare. So they’ve decided that the current tactic isn’t working. They’ll move on to Plan B, (which they thought they would never need) and “Appeal to emotion”. Can’t you here the violin playing that sad song?. They’ll play up the wealth envy and emphasize the poor that can’t afford health insurance (but who, by the way, are eligible for Medicaid). Excellent Article Erica! …. I am sure to read it on American Thinker in the morning too….

    • You are so right, Kev they know they are losing and now we will see how low they will go to push their agendas on us! The America Thinker…I could only wish!!

  2. I think this article is just more of the rhetoric that we are hearing from the loony’s, like the one about putting old people to death! Come on, our health care needs serious reform and if it takes audacity then so be it.

    No not all of Obama’s ideas will be the best but this one is desperately needed. Did you listen to his weekly address at all?

  3. Vicky, rhetoric? I respect your opinions and I totally agree that some form of reform is needed for our health-care. Being a nurse, I see first hand how we are impacted. Did you take the 10 minutes or longer to listen to the video from CNN on how they were going to rush this through and how it could indeed be messy? This is not what I want from my government. I want to be heard, maybe not me (singuarly) but as a whole..This legislation could impact each and everyone of us for generations to come. I don’t want anything as important as this,”rushed” through. He hasn’t mentioned tort reforms which is a major influence on the amount of premiums we pay for our insurance. Change is needed but offering more of the same like, medicare, medicaid or social seurity isn’t the answer. My parents are drawing social security and have had to take out further insurance to cover medical needs. Government run programs in my opinion are not viable for this particular area in our life. But I do respect your opinions and no, I didn’t listen to his speech, as I was unable. I am sure sound bytes will be around for days to come via various news outlets so I refrain from commenting on something I haven’t heard. But I do disagree that this is likened to the “rhetoric of the loony’s.”
    I firmly believe that it should be between the person that is ill and of the family that decides end of life issues. I often refer patients and family to hospice type services but they do so at their own doing, not by some government mandated program. Thank you once again for visiting.

  4. Obama claimed he would unite people. Well, he has united the opposition. LOL.

  5. Howard, he certainly has!!! Backfiring right in his face! The polls are astonishing and I am glad that he is finally being seen for what he is!

  6. Quote-“I firmly believe that it should be between the person that is ill and of the family that decides end of life issues. I often refer patients and family to hospice type services but they do so at their own doing, not by some government mandated program”.

    If you would have listened to his weekly address on this issue, this is exactly the kind of talk he was explaining. The government will not be mandating anything, just giving us information to make informed choices!

  7. Vicky,I would be more than happy to watch that address that he gave if you could provide me to the day he gave it, I could google and watch, I am sure its available via youtube. Let me refer you to Medicare and what they are already doing regarding end of life care, what they will pay for and what they will not. The government is already providing these services… -as far as watching his speech, working night shift doesn’t always make it possible for me to watch every speech, as I sleep most days after working long hours. I have discussed these issues with many doctors that I work with and they too share the same beliefs and many have mentioned that they would not continue to see patients in the hosptial. How is that benefiting us? Most agree, as do I that tort reform is a greatly needed addition to this bill, then insurance companies can be reinged in. I have said for years that our health care lies in the hands of the insurance companies and now our government feels the need to enter it as well. I simply don’t agree. I do appreciate your input into this most heated debate.

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