A Country in distress….the gloves are coming off

star-spangled-banner-distress We are in times of distress, our country is being overtaken by those who seek to bring about socialism, fascism to our shores…We are rallying together to stop the tyranny of the Washington elites…The Teaparty express leaves California for cross country ride that mimicks the ride of Paul Revere, on August 29, 2009. They are making stops in various cities along their way. Click on the link above to see if they are coming to a city near you! They will be here in Louisville on September 5, 2009 and will arrive in DC for the 9/12 rally in Washington. Its not too late, register or visit here. ~Join us as we take back our Country~


14 responses to “A Country in distress….the gloves are coming off

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this; I hadn’t heard about it.

    I wish it was coming by close to me, but the closest is Dallas, and that’s 4 hours away.

    My heart will be with them.

    • You can continue to show support by contacting your representitives and voice your opinions! Be sure and tune in to Glenn Beck on the day of the 12th, you can rally with us from there and we can take your message with us! Thanks for visiting and please come back!

  2. I don’t know your personal situation so this is not meant personally if you are out of work & don’t know where your next meal is coming from, but to others who may have a few dollars to make that drive, let me say this. We just drove a normally 6 hr drive for a family reunion because we thought our niece, an Afganistan vet and her Husband, also in the Airforce, were going to be there. We had a flat tire on the way there, costing us another hour on to the normally 6 hr drive, and because we had our son his wife & 2 kids one a 5mo old baby, and our daughter with us, we had to stop occasionally to give the baby breaks from being strapped in a seat. On the way home we were in a 4 car pile up, when traffic stopped quickly in front of us. Our vehicle being the front one, did stop in time and did not hit anyone, but 3 others behind us who hit us, 2 being totaled, cost us 2 hours time on the way home. We spent 8 hours each way having no day off in between, just to see family, what we are talking about here is saving our country from socialism. Don’t believe it’s comiing, find the definition first and then look at what has been happening over the past 60 or 100 years, and now what is RAPIDLY being shoved down our throats, it is upon us. They started with “well meaning” programs like Social Security & Medicare, Then Medicade, all well meaning, but instead of , insisting that people take a portion of their paycheck and put it into stocks or bonds that would be their for their own benefit when they were ready to retire, the Govt felt they had a right to take money out of our hard workers pockets, and THEY would give you an IOU for when you were ready to retire, while they played a shell game with it, Like Bernie Madoff, taking from your money, to pay other programs, and giving themselves pay raises. The Govt, each time they added another Govt “AGENCY” takes more power from the states & localities. Our schools should not be getting “FEDERAL” funds, but from state & local people. Health & HUMAN “services” is something each state, towns, & charities, such as church collections, habitat for humanity and other’s like it, should be providing. You pull together local companies which can donate supplies, for either good PR & or tax deductions and build small but adequate homes for the poor. I use to watch, but stopped watching, the show where they take a needy family and send them away on a very pricey vacation while tear down perfectly livable homes, (they started out just modifying them to the people’s needs) Then one day they had one that truey was a hazzard and needed to be demolished, and after that they started to demolish perfectly good homes,that many homeless would be thrilled to have, instead of just modifying them, & then put top of the line EVERYTHING in them. The waste sickened me for the benefit of ratings, when they could have taken care of at least a half a dozen needy families, by giving them more modest appliances, furniture ETC. The media like the Govt has stopped seeing the big picture. I liked it when they had someone who worked hard all their lives and because of maybe an accident or something, the “bread winner” became disabled, maybe in a wheelchair, and doorways needed to be widened, ramp needed on the house, counters and door knobs lowered ETC were being done, but it frankly angered me, who worked hard all my life, always living within my means, and live in a modest home, while others are being handed castles, with appliances, who I couldn’t afford, despite working at a modestly well paying job. Getting back to the socialism, I was just trying to show a way we could help take care of our needy, but also weed out a few I know personally, who have learned how to work & live off the system as a way of life. We are the most charitable nation on Earth, & given the chance, will take care of our own, but we need to do it smartly, as we saw when given gift cards that were designated for “school supplies” to the “poor” they went out and bought booze & flat screen TV’s. There are people either too corrupt or stupid, that when I am given a sob story on the street by a stranger, that they need money to buy food because they hadn’t eaten in a few days, one even claimed to be a diabetic, which I knew might be dead if being a diabetic and not eaten in days, so I looked around and the only place within walking distance was a Pizza shop, so I took her in and got her 2 slices of Pizza & a soda, and paid the cashier, so I know I got that person a meal, instead of cash that might have gone into a bottle of Vodka or beer. That is how we need to take care of each other…smartly! We NEED to get the FEDERAL Govt out of our pockets, our homes, our healthcare!

    • I am writing to inform you that Health care is unconstitutional for this reason. The Constitution states, the federal government can promote laws for the general welfare of the country. Critics of the constitution stated the term “general Welfare” gives the federal government unlimited power. In Federalist paper 41, James Madison addressed this concern stating. It is common practice to use a general term and to later specify its particular parameters, and stating the term General Welfare must specifically apply to the Federal Governments enumerated powers.

      And since Providing Health insurance is not within any of the governments enumerated powers, it is unconstitutional.

      Now you know how to answer anyone who talks about promoting the general we;fare

  3. I am going to Washington, DC from Hitchcock, Texas. It is a costly but necessary trip for me to make. I can no longer sit at home and scream at the TV. I must stand up for America. I can’t wait to meet all the other patriots coming from all over the country. I am hoping and praying for a good turnout. We need to make an impression on Washington and the whole country that we are not going away. They can send their union goons but these old people are not afraid. We will prevail. Hope to see you all there.

    • I am so glad to hear this! The very reasons that I am making the trip, sitting in front of the television screaming at the set accomplishes so little, but actually being there and having a voice is a powerful feeling. There are many that want to go but due to the state of the economy are unble, let that be our vision as we speak not only for ourselves but for those that are unable to attend.! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and I hope that we have a great turnout as well! As the Silent Majority we can’t afford to remain silent and I am not in the least intimidated by the unions goons, or the Chicago style thuggery we have witnessed over these past few months!!!

      • Erica, We should be very proud of ourselves. We are like the farmers and blacksmiths of the 18th century that chased the brits with our shotguns down the street and they ran. The Democrats are running scared. They feel our intensity and they are resorting to panic mode, which is thuggery. Could you imagine if anyone of us gets hurt by the thugs? If they think we are angry now, could you imagine the power that would give our cause? The democrats know this, so they wont resort to that. We cannot be moved, intimidated or dissuaded. People like us are building an historical moment. Keep up the good work. We are a majority, and we arent silent anymore. If you cant make it to DC. All you need to do to be heard is go to the town hall meetings and give yor senators a piece of your mind. And then you can write to the editorials of your local newspaper. God Bless you. Fight the good fight.

  4. Hows this for a rallying call!

    This isn’t the country my Daddy fought for;
    Statesmen aren’t statesmen anymore.
    Trust is the foundation on which our liberty stands;
    Now the people are talking, and here’s our demand.
    It is our duty to take our country out of your hands;
    Trust is the matter on which we speak;
    And your abuse of makes the country weak.

    How can the roar of millions of voices;
    Not even influence your choices.

    We solved the issue on your plate;
    And with your vote, you seal your fate.

    Your hasteful actions have hurt us so;
    The people now, demand you go.
    Trust lost, cannot be re earned;
    And it’s about time you learned.

    Charles Breitweiser/ 08/09

  5. Oh Charles, I will be there in DC on 9/12, flight is booked and so is the rooms. I agree we are gaining in strength! We aren’t being silent any more! I liked your reference to our bretheren of the 18th century, that is so true!

  6. I was at the rally on 8-22-09 under the rain in Miami FLorida where I live. There was a turnout of approximately 3500 people; I was hoping for many more. For those of us that cannot go to DC on 9-12-09 aren’t there any local rallies planned for the same day and time?

    • Yes, there are many events planned around the country, the main event of course in Washington, but not everyone can attend, I understand. I would suggest clicking on the teaparty express and see if there is an event in your area for that day. Glenn Beck will also be hosting the DC event! Hope this helps!!

  7. I am so moved by all of the interest expressed in these comments. I thought at one time that there were so few of us who really cared about this great country of ours. I was so upset about all of the lives that have been sacrificed for all of our freedom and I was concerned that they may have died in vain. This restores my faith and trust in the people of this land. Go and be heard loud and clear. I will not be able to join you, but my prayers, support and encouragement will be with those of you who can. Thanks to all of you who will be “carrying the banner” for those of us who remain here in our local areas. I will continue to follow the events closely.

    • Billie- rest assured we will raising our voices for you as well, be sure and follow Glenn Beck that day, he will be televising from DC, I am moved by the amount of response one small post generated! Yes, people are starting to wake up and see whats coming for us if we don’t speak up now! Thanks for taking the time to comment, always appreciated! Hope you return!!!

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