Mine eyes have seen the glory…and I am making a stand

AmericanRevolutionPatriots1 When the first American revolution began to assemble, there were no army’s in place to protect the colonist as they were under British rule. They lived a meek existence dependent upon a King that had little regard for their needs as they attempted to set up and create new beginnings in a new land. It started out being only a few angry people that were rapidly becoming tired of the taxation without representation. Their message slowing began to resonate across the land and Liberty and justice for all soon rang out as a sign of victory and one of independence.
History has a odd way of often repeating itself, and once again some 233 years later we find ourselves in similar situations. We have taxation without representation, a government fueled not for the people by the people as it was set forth in our constitution but one of greed, a hunger for power and a desire of reform.
Their idea of reform is to make us dependent on a government that has been proven to be unable to manage the programs of their own making and yet they expect us to sit idly by and remain silent as they did over 200 years ago. Like our brethren from those days, we have those who are willing to stand up against the tyranny, the arrogant, the condescension. The time has come to join them and to stand shoulder to shoulder with them and renounce this oppression.
We have a choice, my fellow Americans… do we sit back and let this government with it’s many czars continue to change the face of our great nation? Do we let the government dictate how our physicians are able to treat us? Do we sit back and remain quiet as they quadruple our deficit, leaving a debt for generations to come? Will they be able to recover? Do we once again let this government lead us into a depression, one without creating jobs as was promised and banishing any hope we have of a recovery?
This administration has misled the American public, promising to cross the aisle and jointly attempt to resolve the conflicts of the day. But we have seen the real change that is being brought forth, he isn’t reaching across the aisle….they are merely surrounding themselves with more people like Ayers, Soros, Farrahkhan,Wright…People who want to bring about change and disruption into our lives, their purpose is to change our fundamental beliefs and bestow upon us their ideologies of socialism, fascism and communism…
Are you willing to sit idly by and let these people cast darkness and shadow the very spirit of the “Patriot” that lives within or will are you williing to make a stand and renounce this once and for all….We must remember the battle hymn of the republic and may it play in the hearts of many as we march onward to take our country back. Do you have the spirit, the calling…for mine eyes have seen the glory and I am making a stand……..

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One response to “Mine eyes have seen the glory…and I am making a stand

  1. Erica, you’re a kind soul.

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