Going home…….

C-JKFsml Today, setting aside politics, party affiliation we stand with the Kennedy family as they lay to rest their beloved Teddy. The day brought back memories of a young child that watched intently as his older brother, President John. F. Kennedy was laid to rest. I was a mere child and was enamoured with the Camelot image and the fortitude of this American family.
I could lament how we differed on the many issues we face today as a nation but for Teddy that is no more, his legacy will live on in the hearts of the loved ones he leaves behind. I will not digress on how I disagreed with most of his policies, as this is not the time to do so. He now stands before our Creator and will atone for all his sins of his lifetime, as one day we all shall. He, like his brother’s before him are American Icons and their impact will live for eternity… God Speed.. Teddy…

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