Yes, Mr. Cheney,…More “Outrageous Political Acts”…the saga continues

141-16794Dick Cheney was very precise and adamant in his opinions regarding the Obama administration and their attempt to discredit the CIA. I agree that by going backward as Obama once claimed to be against is a grave error and no doubt will put our safety as a nation in jeopardy. While the Bush administration started the over spending and stretching our economy, he did keep us safe. Can we put the same trust in this current administration? It is obvious that this administration is clearly grasping at straws as their poll numbers continue to plummet and the “blame game” tactics are not effective as you, Mr. Obama hold the reigns of this nation and have to step up and accept the responsibility for your actions

What good can be benefitted by revisiting issues that we have no way of changing, the CIA operated on the contingency to keep the homeland safe and for that they are to be applauded. Why would the current administration be concerned on how those that were waterboarded or “tortured,” as they so love to sling this word around, while we had thousands fighting for their lives while in buildings that were demolished by those that perpetuate so much hate for America? Does Attorney General Holder really want to tackle Cheney and his wit?


2 responses to “Yes, Mr. Cheney,…More “Outrageous Political Acts”…the saga continues

  1. I miss Dick 😦 – he was my favorite!

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