Teaparty Express arrives at Louisville, Kentucky…

TeapartyExpress 027Wow, what an exhilarating day!!! The Teaparty Express made it’s stop here in Louisville, Kentucky today as it is making its way to Washington, DC for the march on September 12,2009. The day was picture perfect, the sun was out shinning upon all the thousands of people that came out to hear patriotic speeches, be entertained by the Rivoli Revue, Kay of the Rivoli Revue is a Louisville native and her family was there and her Mom closed the show with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner! Lloyd Marcus of the Teaparty Anthem fame got the crowd going by singing his anthem and inviting women on stage to dance with him!! Diana Nagy also entertained us with patriots songs, one of which moved many to tears as it was dedicated to a lost uncle of WWII and to the many of the brave men and women who have served our great nation or off serving her now.
There were many local politicians their giving speeches, all one with the same message that we have been repeating since this administration took over our house. One in particular caught my eye, Marilyn Parker, she has the passion and spirit of Sarah Palin. She is a nurse, she is gutsy and she doesn’t need a teleprompter to deliver a speech that brings people to their feet, yelling and cheering!
Those of you that are on the social site twitter, should know that one of our own is a member of the teaparty express and she delivered a great speech about how she became active in the movement and how the idea was actually born on twitter. She is none other than asouthernbella. She will be joining us in Washington as we march to make a statement that the sleeping giant is awake and we are coming!!!
I did my own “Right Wing Domestic Terrorits” duties by pasing out the brochure for the ever growing conservative group Logical Choice Action Group. Being the state coordinator I used this moment to recruit more people to join our cause and take back our country….Never forget…Our government was created to be one that is by the people and for the people, not the type that is in office now that totally ignores our constitution and continues to attempt to lead us closer to socialism with every czar that comes along. WE CANNOT REMAIN SILENT ANYMORE…..
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TeapartyExpress 001
Marilyn Parker at her booth!!!

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10 responses to “Teaparty Express arrives at Louisville, Kentucky…

  1. I am simply curious about your statement in the Courier Journal article published September 5, “I’ve seen (Medicare) patients getting sent home too soon. I’ve seen patients have trouble getting the medications they need.”

    Have you not, in your career as a nurse, seen patients with HMO’s subjected to the same treatment? This would indicate that there are significant problems with the health care industry (and surely working in health care you recognize it as an industry rather then a social service.)

    Shouldn’t everyone have some sort of access to reasonably affordable health care? I respect your opinion that it shouldn’t be provided by the government, but what are our alternatives.

    I have lived with health insurance and without and I can assure you that there are virtually no resources for a single (note single not pregnant) woman in her 20’s to receive affordable health care.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Thank you for responding and I wish I had the answers to all that you ask! Yes, I have seen patients being sent home simply because the Insurance companies didn’t want to pay for the treatment needed. That is why I say tort reform would be key in helping to reduce the cost of premiums for our insurance. The hospital I work for, turns no one away, we actually help those that can’t afford medications or find physicians to continue to treat them for their health care needs. The insurance companies much like our politicians are geared towards greed and power without any respect to the will of the people that buy their insurance and pay the high premiums. Tort reform would greatly reduce the number of law suits brought about and would help our premiums be much more affordable. I will try and find out some information for you that may be helpful in your pursuit for affordable health-care. Many of your age, think they are invinceable and do not need the insurance, I am glad to see that you are actually trying to find coverage for yourself now and being proactive in your own health care.

      • Very well said!
        The politicians REALLY need to read your response , Erica….
        and to us it is just common sense!


  2. Erica, great pics! You are so right about not remaining silent any longer! We have to march on Washington and let them know that they represent us! They work for us! Congress needs to pass tort reform, make insurance available across state lines, and then let the free market work!

    We do not need the government rationing our health care or telling us how big our families should be!

    You rock! See you in DC!

  3. Erica, thanks for the vote of confidence at the teaparty on Saturday. It was a great day to 4000 people show up for this event and take interest in their country and the future of their children. Your coverage of the event is great. The local news media coverage was almost noneexistant, even after they were contacted regarding the teaparty and my press release. It’s up to us! God bless. Marilyn

    • Oh, I am so thrilled that you visited my site and more so that you liked my coverage! I missed the local news last night and was awakened by my Mom, this morning regarding the article in the C-J, I hated the picture, taken without my knowledge and then not everything I said was reported but that doesn’t shock me given the liberal slant we have for a newspaper! I am looking forward to meeting with you and helping you all the way!!!! God’s Blessing to you and thank you for being our voice and I pray that we get you all the way!!! Call me!

      • I also flat out loved what Mrs parker said and went up and told her after she was finished speaking. I wish her nothing but the best of luck in what will be a great contest!

        brian Simpson
        46th District KY House Candidate

      • The good old Courier-Journal , our pitiful excuse for a “newspaper” . Biased and
        1- sided. When elections role around I usually read their “picks” and go with the opposite….if it’s someone I support then I really look at the candidate much more closely
        ( isn’t that sad ? )


      • I refuse to buy that rag nor will I read it! Check out Marilyn Paker, she is linked in the article! I am going to be working with her!

  4. I so agree Brian, her speech was from the heart and delivered with passion! I wish you all the luck with your bid and if I can be of any assistance you know where to find me!!! Thank you for stopping by, it was great meeting you at the rally!

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