A new day is dawning………

TeapartyExpress 086I am going to Washington, DC. this weekend and will proudly stand with thousands as we lift our voices as one to send a message that we are tired of the taxation without representation. We are tired of the lies, the deceit, the manipulation….Never in my years have I been so worried about our Country and how she appears to be changing before my very eyes. Many say that this has been coming for some time and we just weren’t paying attention, this could be true. After 9-11-01, many rallied around GWB because he brought a sense of security to us that on that day we witnessed was threatened.
I witnessed how the spending started to get out of control and how when congress changed hands in 2006, our liberal alternates took control and the spiraling downward started. We had Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Franks, Dodds, Kerry and Kennedy all waiting in the wings to bring their extreme leftism to the forefront. We allowed this, in my opinion because we felt what I now refer to a false sense of security. Then we had the 2008 elections come and we were outwitted by a sharp tongued man with no experience of running a business, making a payroll, never serving this great nation in battle. His message of “hope and change and yes we can,” only served his purpose to obtain the highest seat in the land and we now see what the real intentions were about. We have witnessed the Chicagonites, the czars with communistic ideologies speak in America like we had never heard before. We had the radicals of the sixties that spawned the likes of Ayers, the Black panthers suddenly intertwined within this one man. Is this the America that our founding father’s envisioned for us, I seriously doubt that. Blood, sweat and tears were shed as they fought and formulated Our Constitution. Throughout the years amendments have been made that we clearly needed as we grew as a nation. Now here we are in the 21st century and I don’t recognize our Country now. It appears that we are being re-molded to be more aligned with the European country’s that so many of our people have escaped to come here for the American Dream… Does that dream still exist today?
There is an awakening happening now in America, one that I pray isn’t too late…Since the spring we have seen more and more people waking up and sensing what is happening in our Country cannot and will not be accepted. The Tea Party’s that the main stream media and the left love to belittle with their opprobrious comments have suddenly spawned into a driving force that, We the people demand that our government be as it was intended; by the people and for the people. We don’t want the government in every aspect of our lives…A new day is dawning…A new passion, A driving force… A renewed sense of Patriotism has emerged….Saturday September 12, 2009 …will be a historical moment in our history, it will be a legacy to leave to our children of the importance of honoring that which is old and the need to preserve the documents that were written so many years ago as this nation was founded…We are bound by the Constitution to honor and to protect……..


4 responses to “A new day is dawning………

  1. oops – I left same comment on other post – SMOOCH!
    Bravo! I am sending my spirit & support to DC and I will be here rallying as well! I agree that it is no coincidence that the economy began to fail when Dems took over Congress. Great Post!

    • Kimberly, Thank you so much and smooches back at you!!!! Your spirit soars and I am proud to call you friend~We will glady take your support and spirit with us all the way to the capitol!! You are the best!

  2. Great job on the commentary, I love it.

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