Coming to a theatre near you!

atm-thumb Gather up the kids, grab grandma, put the dogs in the kennel…there is a new movie coming to town, get your tickets while they last!!!! Free kool aid with the first 100 people in line!!!! Sit back and enjoy the show!!!


7 responses to “Coming to a theatre near you!

  1. I turned on my TV today and like every single day, there was President Obama. Only today he was talking to the ANA. It made me sick to think that some nurses think that a government,socialist run health care will benefit them. I know that there are thousands of nurses out there who are worried about their future. How do we fight back?

    Vivian Hurst

    • Vivian, first let me thank you for taking the time to comment! I love to interact with my readers! He appears to me to still be in the campaign mode and doesn’t realize that he is sinking quickly as I type. We heard nothing new last night, except from Congressman Joe Wilson with his emotional outburst of calling him a liar. He isn’t being honest with us, you can view I believe it is or .com and see the truth. I too was sickened by the words of those within the ANA and they surely don’t speak for all nurses. Fighting back? We just have to continue to hold him accountable and fight like “hell” so that socialism is stopped from being unleashed upon this great nation. Thank you for the luck, I am passionate about what I am about to do! This will be a day that will, hopefully, future generations can read about and learn how truly our Constitution is sacred and how it should be protected at all cost! God Bless~

  2. Hey! I was yelling liar too! But from my living room I don’t think anyone heard me. If certain people want Congressman Wilson to step down, then all of the ones who called President Bush a liar need to step down too! God Bless to you.

  3. I was also sickened by the way most nurses seem so enamoured by and supportive of not only Mr. Obama , but his health care proposals. It truly makes me feel physically ill. Especially since we (nurses ) are supposed to be our patients advocates….I hold onto this belief dearly and really stressed this to my nursing students when I was instructing!!!! Along with patient confidentiality , being the patient advocate is PRIORITY!!!!!!!
    This is what I meant yesterday when I said it was so wonderful to hear of another nurse who shares my opinions , thoughts and concerns!!!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Support & Prayers,

    • Yes, made me very ill also! I work with some that apparently suppprts him and I respect their right to do so, but I don’t understand either! I was very appalled by the ANA today! I would never join such a group!!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly!!!!

    P.S I told you I’d visit the site often!
    ( tired of me yet?)


    • No, not at all, LOL..feel free to drop by anytime!!! I will be away this weekend, so I will be behind on monitoring the comments! But I will be blogging about trip to DC!

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