Turn on the water!

dsc000143 Where is the outrage? Does Pelosi really have no conscious? Arnold do you not care about the people who you serve? I ask each and every one of you to call, write your Senators, Representatives regarding the water crisis facing California. All over a 2 inch smelt or salmon? Where does compassion for your fellow man enter into the picture. It is not only California that suffers although unemployment is above the average and continues to grow, but it is you and me who suffers as well. We depend on a lot of the crops that come from this part of our country. This administration will bail out large corporations while farmers are losing their ability to sustain life as they once new it. I ask you again, where is the outrage? Nancy Pelosi how can you sleep at night knowing that your district is robbing these people of water? You call your self a servant of the people?
Please, I ask of each of you to ask your politicians to support Devin Nunes, to have the water turned on.
According to Abraham Maslow, breathing, food, water, sleep and homeostasis are the foundation in which we survive and grow, and these most basic of rights are being with held! This is truly an Obamanation…………………………………..


4 responses to “Turn on the water!

  1. gopcounterculture

    To answer your question: no, I don’t think she has a conscience. Yet she will never be investigate and won’t get voted out of office in that progressive bastion.

  2. These people who are in office have no compassion for anyone.
    Nancy Pelosi and all the other incompetent
    politicians should be voted out.
    They have no idea how the average person lives.
    Let Pelosi raise the fish at her winery.

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