100 days in Afghanistan and longer………

100_0368 Our military is now facing one of the most daunting task as they proceed to carry on this campaign in Afghanistan, recently I read where they could not fire back if fired upon while in a civilian type setting. Of course this means the terrorist will only crawl deep within the civilian communities. This is not a conventional war, nor is it a fair one. Yesterday when interviewed I don’t believe POTUS answered the question put before him…………………

To me, it remains clear that we aren’t aware of what lies before us regarding our future in Afghanistan or in our own country. I did witness while in Washington, DC…..a country that is proud of their military, the men and women who so bravely serve….I saw veterans proudly wearing their badges of honor, carrying flags, some even walking with crutches or being pushed in a wheelchair…..It is to these men and women and to the ones off in a foreign land that I beseech you to continue to pray for and to offer your undying support. It is our military that we owe all that we have, the freedoms we enjoy, our way of life…..
Like all wars before this one, they bring back memories that only someone who has walked in their shoes can understand…reach out to them, let them know you care, let them know you appreciate what they have sacrificed….We would not be what we are without the blood, sweat and tears of our military! God Bless them and Bless the USA……

photo by A Patriotic Nurse; Washington,DC


One response to “100 days in Afghanistan and longer………

  1. Contact your Senators and Congressmen!
    No excuses, here’s how you do it!


    Nursing salaries and health care reform, a scary scenario!
    Information that nurses need to know if they’re supporting HR3200!

    Please pass this link on to anyone that you know who currently works in the health care industry, especially nurses. It is a web site that compares salaries of specific careers from different countries. It’s also important to realize the taxes in the U.K. and Canada are much higher, largely in part because of their socialized health care programs. This turns out to be a double edge sword cutting through the health care workers salary.

    (salaries from this site have been adjusted for currency exchange rates which provides an apples to apples comparison)

    The link at hand specifically addresses nursing salaries. In the comparison, please note the salaries for the U.K. and Canada, each of which is almost thirty percent less than their U.S. counterparts. Furthermore, the compulsory deductions (taxes) for the U.K. and Canada are almost twenty to twenty five percent higher, respectively, than in the U.S. These are the same countries that are often used for comparison to HR3200 (the health care reform bill) currently in legislation.

    This particular comparison of nursing salaries was done in 2005. The date is significant for two reasons. First, it was completed before any mention of the HR3200; thus there can be no claims that the study was biased against the current legislation. Furthermore, the dollar has lost value in the world market since 2005. This devaluing of the dollar only compounds the probable decrease in salaries for nursing and related fields.

    Considering that income is often a factor in job satisfaction (it’s human nature to want be rewarded for hard work), it is easily anticipated the job satisfaction and morale would be significantly decreased. With decreased moral and satisfaction with the job, it’s easy to predict that the quality of care administered by the nurse would suffer.

    Some make the argument that people who are in nursing should be more caring about their patients than their salaries. The problem with this is that nurses have the same need to provide for themselves and their families as everyone else does. Let’s not forget about paying off that expensive education. A big heart is wonderful thing, but it alone doesn’t pay the bills.

    Kenneth Feinberg is someone that you should know about. He’s a Pay Czar who was appointed to his office by the president. The job of the Pay Czar is to determine how much pay company executives should receive (he has the power to “Claw back“ money if he sees fit to do so) if their company received federal bailout money. It concerns me to think that if the health care industry arrives at the point where all health care money comes from the federal government, (a single payer system the president said that he supports) it is feasible that Mr.
    Feinberg and his department, and not the free / competitive market would ultimately determine a nurses pay.

    In summary, less money = less satisfaction = fewer nurses to do more work = less care.

    Contact your Senators and Congressmen!

    Thanks for your time!

    Scott E. Adams RN

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