Parents beware…the indoctrination of your children..

obama350_609797a We send our children off to school daily to be taught the basics, reading,writing and arithmetic. We trust them to the teachers to give them a good foundation and learn the ability to think for themselves, to formulate their own ideas. Along with the basics we hope that our children are taught about our history and how our country came to be. There was a special recently on the Fox News channel regarding how the text books today are inaccurate and often misleading. I have heard from many parents how the preamble of the constitution is no longer required for memorization as it was in my day.
The video I have placed here for you to view alarms me greatly. Do you think these children understand fully what they are being indoctrinated to do? Watch closely at their faces, often you see bewilderment and a duty to comply with being a good student for the teacher. Then I want you to turn your attention to the “Teacher” and I use that in quotations merely to suggest that she isn’t teaching but serving more as an indoctrinator for this president. Then near the time frame of [2:56] you see the parents jump to their feet clapping and praising them! Do they even understand the concept of what the “change” means for them? “Yes we can, can?”…then this is compared to the very concept used by Adolf Hitler and what he did when he was unleashing his reign of terror upon his homeland………Another prime example of how history has a way of repeating itself……………………
I beseech each parent that has children in the public schools system to be aware of what your children are being taught..Young minds can be easily molded….Parents be warned…….


4 responses to “Parents beware…the indoctrination of your children..

  1. Good grief, that video is scary stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stand 3-1/2 more years of this president and a news media that treats him like some kind of god.

    • I actually said the very same thing earlier about having to deal with him for another 3 yrs! Its brutal and the media is only exacerbating it!

  2. I’ve seen this before. The video was created as a promotional piece for Obama’s election. It’s truly upsetting to see kids used as tools of propaganda. It hits below the belt. However, at least as I understand it, the kids were all volunteers and the video was not made at school. Also however it may try to make itself appear, it’s a professionally produced and edited video is clearly somewhat scripted and faked.

    However, if you think that’s bad, there is another video you should see if you haven’t already. To me it’s much more disturbing. Not only is it clearly not something manufactured for tv, it is at a school. This is almost a textbook example of indoctrination:

    • Yes, I had seen that video and didn’t use it only due to it repeated so often on various news stations. Regardless, in my most humble opinion if its made for a campaign or televsion its still indoctrination and I agree, “hits below the belt.” I only used the one I did to show a comparison to how similar things are not and with Nazi Germany. Sad! Thanks for commenting..

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