Palin’s journey…..a simple step…

art_palin_gi We have watched as Sarah Palin has with-stood the slings and arrows casted upon her by the likes of Maher, Letterman. We have read her notes on Facebook and applauded her at every turn. Palin is displaying a fortitude of strength, character; the likes we are not accustomed to for a political figure. She is proving daily that she has the passion and the spirit to lead us from the despair we find ourselves in today. May she heed our pleas and pick up the baton and run to the finish line in 2012. Lets help her get there by donating to her PAC. We have seen how her new book, Going Rogue: An American Life has already hit the #1 list on Barnes & Nobles and it’s not due out until mid November. That in itself speaks volumes as to her popularity and to the intense interest that she has garnered since leaving the office of Governor of Alaska.
We have seen how she doesn’t back down to scrutiny of the current administration …she is a force to be reckoned with…she is not going away…for We the People are counting the days…………………………………………………


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