Broken Promises………

SuperStock_1433R-933565During the campaign and in recent days we have heard how this administration will be forth-right and place pending bills on the internet, c-span for not only the American public to view but those that, We the people, intrusted with our votes to read these bills and be able to make informed bi-partisan decisions. To date this promise has not been adhered too! Where is the “accountability” in which you speak?……………………

House Leader John Boehner (R-OH) speaks of Pelosi, Reid and others trying to push these bills through without giving the public a chance to view these bill, it is time they listen to the will of the people or given the power invested into us by our Constitution, We the People will have a say! That being our VOTES!!!


2 responses to “Broken Promises………

  1. I love that Obama picture. I may steal it sometime. 🙂

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