Committments, lies and empty promises….

Obama haloHe said that he would make our government open and transparent, no more secrecy. Has he forgotten these speeches in which he has given? We certainly have not seen transparency nor have we seen an open government. What we have seen is the left trying to ram their socialistic agendas down the throats of the American people with the failed stimulus package that never generated any jobs as evidenced by unemployment rising daily. He has spoken about bi-partianship but we have yet to see evidence of that unless if you count Olympia Snowe’s “historical” vote on the Baucus’s bill. We have Pelosi and Reid more determined to push this public option through without the American public being able to view it online as was promised. So how do we take this man seriously when all he does is to give us a false sense of security. Come 2010 we will make a mandate as to our representatives and we will vote out those who fail to listen to their constituents. This government was formed to be by the people for the people and our voices will be heard, no longer will it be acceptable for anyone in Washington to simply rule on legislation for their own greed and their seek for power. Time has come for accountability for all… Seven lies in two minutes and to think we have three plus years……………………………………………………………


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