Obama, the new DR. ISM…Public beware!

change-to-socialism Sixty one years ago we were warned of the “ism’s” that are threatening our freedoms and rights. Since that time we have become like ostrich’s, hiding our heads in the sand and ignoring the inevitable. I encourage each and every one of you to watch this cartoon and be reminded once again the price that will be paid if we drink from the bottle of the snake oil of the salesman, today that salesman is our very own President, his congress and his many czars…It is time to wake up America and run “Dr. ISM out-of-town for his tonic is toxic to our liberty and way of life that our forefather’s had envisioned for us…………..


12 responses to “Obama, the new DR. ISM…Public beware!

  1. Nice letter to Congressmen who voted for Pelosicare. They didn’t need Chandler’s vote so they let the weasel vote no. He said it was unfair to rural hospitals. He didn’t mention the public option, putting people in jail for not buying insurance or the fact the mandate, the likely-hood it will be a budget buster or that it may be unconstitutional.

  2. First of all I love how people against socialism like to use the Cyrillic alphabet. Like the third one says Sndigyi. XD Also, Obama is not a socialist, I can tell you that right now. He is following what FDR did in the Depression like bailing out the companies, etc. The stuff that got us out of it. A lot of people thought FDR was a socialist too. Also, socialism isn’t so bad, at least democratic socialism. Look at Europe! They are running like a steam engine while we are falling behind. Everyone blames the president but it’s them, they don’t want to change or have anything to do with “socialistic” ideas at all. What do you think social security, the police, hospitals, and everything you pay in taxes is? We all think, oh no, how horrible but people on the healthcare plan we could have had like the one in Canada and the UK live longer and expressed their desire to stay on that system. My aunt has to pay 5000 dollars for her chemotherapy pills which cost the company 50 dollars to make. You have to admit that a little government regulation would be nice.

    • Do you realize that if this health-care reformed is passed your Aunt’s ability to purchase such medication may be deemed un-worthy and be denied? I agree that the cost of some medications are way over priced and some regulation should be in place…after all…I am a nurse, I have elderly parents who take lots of medications but they are just as equally concerned regarding the possible cuts to medi-care and social security! I am not totally against the HCR..just against how its being shoved down our throats with no transparency and no bi-partisanship!

      • I don’t see why they would. If the system works anything like it does here in the UK. I am living in Wales, which has a brilliant National Health Service. I am reliant on medication which I simply cannot afford to buy. Fortunately here prescription medication is free and it means I can… well… live!

  3. That seems to be a common misconception: that social health care is being shoved down our throats with no transparency and no bi-partisanship. Fact of the matter is that democrats have been trying to work with the GOP with regards to the bill since the start. Things such as covering abortions were taken out to appease the right, but the bill still failed to pass. If dems really wanted to push the bill through, they’d do so utilizing reconciliation.

    However, choosing a more bipartisan path, Obama called for a health care summit in which both parties would sit down and discuss what each side thought regarding the issue. This entire summit was televised and broadcasted and can be viewed if you so wish.

    So, how is it not transparent not bi-partisan? It seems to me that the left is really reaching out and trying to come together to produce a bi-partisan bill, and the fact that events like this have been televised is a testament to the administration’s openness to the public.

    • First of all thank you for commenting. However, I tend to disagree. The health-care summit [that I did watch] was only done so after the administration realized that after months of meeting behind closed doors trying to broker deals without the GOP being present wasn’t working so then they decided that they would have this summit. The GOP has long had ideas to bring to the table but were refused to participate. You mention

      It seems to me that the left is really reaching out and trying to come together to produce a bi-partisan bill, and the fact that events like this have been televised is a testament to the administration’s openness to the public.

      The “left” has only began to reach out when they saw their plan tanking! They have no plans to work together as apparent by Speaker Pelosi wanting to use the reconcilliation process that completely over rides the will of the majority of Americans that are clearly against this bill and simply wants them to go back to the drawing board and “together” re-do the entire package. But will they? Afraid not!
      I was personally appalled by “our” president as he mentioned at the summit that American’s really don’t care about this bill!? What??? If that is the case explain to me the countless townhall meetings across the nation attended by not only Republicans but Democrats and Independents as well to object to their attempt to take over our health-care. Not to mention the 2 million people that marched on DC back in September of ’09. Yes there were 2 MILLION people, there, I was amongst them standing proudly in front of our capital, and all of the “Tea Parties”that have been held from shore to shore. This administration is only concerned with itself and its attempt to restructure our political system with little regard to our Constitution. ~APN~

  4. Regarding the reconciliation process, it does not override the will of the majority, since it still requires a majority vote. Its purpose is merely to circumnavigate the filibuster which requires a supermajority.

    Meetings behind closed doors are not an uncommon procedure. The congresspeople behind the creation of a bill need to create a bill in committee before it goes to the floor, and this is generally done “behind closed doors”. However, the handling of such activities with regards to the health care bill make it sound like a ridiculously shady move, when in reality it isn’t.

    In addition, Obama has bee continuously open about what is on the bill and what has been planned for the bill. Most of the attacks on him and the bill (such as death panels) have been entirely unwarranted. And, as I said, the attacks for being entirely partisan are entirely unfounded. If, as you say, the dems are only concerned with pushing this bill through without transparency or bipartisanship, then why haven’t they attempted to use reconciliation?

    Fact of the matter is that most of the left is trying to listen to and work with the right. On the other side, attacks are constantly being thrown, and misconceptions spread. Images like the one here, comparing Obama to Hitler, naming Obama a socialist, naming Obama a fascist, naming Obama a communist.. these are all unreasonable attacks which do not further any conversation at all. The left isn’t entirely free from guilt here either, the pictures of Bush with Hitler’s mustache are equally ridiculous. But you must understand that in order to come to the table and have a productive conversation, one side cannot be demonizing the other ridiculously.

    As a side note, putting things like “our” president in quotes is not very conducive. While I disliked Bush quite a bit, I would never have hesitated to say that he is our president.

  5. I should have included this in my last message, and I’m sorry for double posting, but the figures for the march on Washington in September of 2009 do not indicate 2 million people. In fact, no reputable source has claimed that over a million people were there. Fox News reported that “tens of thousands” of people were there, and the Wall Street Journal reported that there were “in excess of 75,000” people.

    A rally organizer did say that ABC news had reported over a million people, however ABC rebutted this, saying that they had reported an “approximate figure of 60,000 to 70,000 protesters”.

  6. I don’t really care what you think the Main stream media reports regarding the march on DC, I was there, I have pictures on an older blog post. I was standing in the midst of the crowd when it was announced that we had closed the interstate due to traffic. It is apparent that we CLEARLY will not agree on any of this. The majority ss you refer to are the Democrats at this point, they are not listening to the majority of the American people. As a side note, this is MY blog and I will write the way I feel, that doesn’t mean that you the reader has to agree nor does it give you the right to “critique” my style. That being said, thanks again for commenting but I really doubt that we will agree on any of the above arguments you posted above. It is apparent whose camp you are in and you have that right. I don’t approve of how this administration is conducting business. So I will continue to write how I feel regarding “my opinion.”..How about going to the newer post and viewing the video posted as a letter to Obama..you might find that one amusing too!

  7. This is just a disgrace to people who are really socialists! Obama is far, far, and very, very far from being a socialist! As for he Soviet Union and (!!!) Germany during WWII (as well as Cuba, China, North Korea etc.) were/still are fascist states! With dictators, oppression, poverty and mass murder on their hands!

  8. Hitler – Used the name “National Socialism” for his campaign to hide his facist ideals. The Socialists were the first victims of the Nazi’s. There was nothing Socialist about Hitler or the Nazi’s.

    Obama – Is doing everything within a Capitalist system. Socialism is the uprising of the working class not the election of a reformist president. Obama is not a Socialist, unfortunately.

    Stalin – Was counter revolutionary and crushed Russia’s chance to develop into a Socialist society. He was a dictator, dictators aren’t Socialists and don’t bring Socialism.

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