Operation Pink Slip


I encourage everyone to get busy and send out pink slips to the many that voted for the Pelosi fiasco that recently passed the house. We cannot always afford to drop what we are doing and fly, drive to DC to attend this protest or the next but we can continue to be heard and send a clear message that the majority of American’s are fed up with the socialistic movement being forced upon us by our very own government. We have experienced a revolution before in this country and it may be time to bring forth another one for they refuse to listen to us, they are drunk on the power they “assume” they have….this is my message for those who voted “Yea” including my Congressman…a screaming liberal of course……my message will read as follow……………………..
Dear Congressman/woman
You rammed H.R. 3962, a bill that;
A) The majority of America does not want
B) You didn’t write it
C) You didn’t read it
You are so fired…Please box up your gear
and be prepared to vacate the people’s house
in 2010….
The American People
There was a sit in a Pelosi’s office..Doubt if she showed her botoxed face…The time is here, we have to rally together to take back our country……………………………….



5 responses to “Operation Pink Slip

  1. Since you are a nurse, do you believe that there is a health insurance crisis in the United States? If so, since you do not like the House of Representatives legislation, what alternative do you support?

    • I certainly do think we need some form of reform but not the one recently passed by the House! It is unconstitutional and warrants full control by the government. I believe we should allow inter-state bargaining for insurance to help cut the cost on our premiums and tort reform is a must! Part of the reason for the high premiums we pay is due to frivilous law suits brought on by lawyers that are lobbying in the DC to keep us under their thumb!

  2. Yes we need reform, but this is not the reform we the people need! Take it from me, if this monster gets voted in your all fired! Let us buy insurance across state lines, that will bring insurance prices down.Where in the constitution does it say you can even do this to the American people? Plus all these sue happy lawyers don’t help matters either!

    • I agree about opening the state’s borders to increase competition amongst insurance providers and therefore lowering the premiums, if this gets voted in we will not recognize our country that is slowly drifting away from us. We must not let this happen. Tort reform is crucial and needed!!

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