Bring back We The People…Wake Up America..

We are spiraling in a cloud of disdain and going hay-wire as the leaders of this country continue to throw this country and it’s occupants under the proverbial bus. So much as taken place that it is hard to determine where to start, we have had our Attorney General say that we are a nation of cowards and then proceed to further fuel the flames by bringing terrorist to New York City for a trial that should be held by a military tribune. We’ve had Pelosi barely get her health-care package through the house and I pray that Harry Reid fails miserably in the senate and this bill is killed once and for all. Obama is seen bowing to yet another head of state, while our servicemen and women are in dire need for assistance in a war that is being managed so poorly by one who deemed it most necessary as he spoke from his “pulpit.” We’ve experienced another horrible terrorist attack upon our soil and upon the very people who have so bravely and unselfishly offered their lives to serve and to protect our great nation. This administration is off in a foreign land wanting to hold back judgement as to whether this was actually an act of terror or just one person acting out from a sickened mind? Yet this man had business cards with “soldier of Allah” and was found to be on the transition team of this white house..are they trying to push that under the rugs as well. The 42nd President came out and continued to insult us by calling us “tea baggers” a term he knows all too well and yet we do nothing…I don’t recognize my country anymore, it saddens me to no end… should saddened you as well….the time has come yet again to push for action, we are a nation that is unrecognizable and for me that is clearly unacceptable..What say you, do we sit quietly by and let this down turn spiraling continue or do we stand up and take action and take our country back? Watch this video, let it inspire you to take a stand… a call to action…he is right..”look into your mirrors” for in that image that looks back is the one who has the power to bring about change, we must join together and raise our voices and once again let the powers that be know that WE THE PEOPLE are MAD AS HELL….the time has come for action………..I implore you………..


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