11-21-09 A sad day for America..A Call to action..

November 21,2009 the Democratic senate has the votes needed to bring the Reid health-care fiasco to a full debate on the senate floor the beginning of next year. A sad day in American history. This administration was elected on the premise of change without the public fully aware of the change that was to come. My friends it is now apparent they do not care what the majority of the American people want, they passed a 1100 page stimulus package that wasn’t read and where are the jobs? Pelosi barely got her ill-fated bill through the house by a mere 5 votes and now Reid has succeeded in getting his bill, greater than 2000 pages passed for a full review or debate on the senate floor. Do we sit idly by and let this administration change the very foundation of our country? We have heard the word, “revolution” being used frequently, but now with this becoming a reality, I say we must take it to the streets once again. They are not listening to the American public, our voices no longer appear to matter. What would have happened over 200 years ago if patriots before us had not acted. We must once again rise up and once and for all make it ever so clear that we will not take the legislation that will lessen our medicare benefits, raise our taxes and limit our involvement in the most personal aspects of our lives such as our healthcare. If we let this pass without a fight, a real fight…what will be next? What will they think they have the power to do to us? This is America folks, land of free home of the brave..our country is being changed before our very eyes. Will we wait until we are railroaded like cattle on trains being led to slaughter or be housed in fema camps before we finally say enough??? The time is NOW……..


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